The new Burberry’s commercial is a dance up in the air

Tommaso Berra
Burberry |

Burberry has presented a new commercial, directed by Parisian director Megaforce, who in the past has also worked for other brands such as Dior and Saint Laurent.
In the commercial appear four boys who, after getting out of a car, are pushed by an unnatural wind that makes them fly first under a wheat field, touching the ears of corn, then inside a forest, dodging the logs as in a choreography. The wild movements of the bodies pushed by the wind make the boys fly beyond the trees, up to a small lake and in the middle of the sea. Suspended dozens of meters above a white cliff, with a moon at sunset behind them, the bodies and Burberry’s garments come together in an embrace, blending with the horizon line that joins sky and water.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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