Career-Limiting Move, the short film by Anna Mantzaris

Emanuele D'Angelo

For Global Women New Zealand’s new campaign, director Anna Mantzaris decided to make a short film highlighting the “Motherhood Penalty”. The short film was released on the occasion of International Women’s Day and aims to make people think about the condition of women in the workplace in New Zealand.

Mothers earn in fact 12.5% less than fathers of the same age and with the same education during their career, an inequality that should not exist but, in fact, there is.
And the short film with its clearly ironic scenes underlines precisely this, whatever you do, whether it’s cutting a tie or messing up everything, there is nothing in the workplace that is more “career-limiting” than having a child.

A complex topic, but approached with just the right humor in Anna Mantzaris‘ sixty-second short film, which in a few simple scenes aims to challenge and raise awareness of the “Motherhood Penalty” that still has a significant impact on women in the workplace in New Zealand, as in the world we add.


Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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