A Careful Christmas, the 2020 holiday song by Handymartian

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This Christmas won’t be like previous ones, we’ll have to be more careful, respect social distances and give up big celebrations. The prospect is not the best, but Andy Martin plays down this common fate with his new song A Careful Christmas.

Better known as Handymartian, Andy Martin is a British songwriter, sound designer, illustrator and video maker active since 2001. A Careful Christmas, his latest work made for Christmas 2020, is a funny and tragicomic song that reflects the historical and social period we are living in.
The lyrics highlight all the new situations we are forced to live in this year and turn upside down our normal conception of the holidays. This Christmas we will buy presents on the Internet, we will celebrate at home and avoid door-to-door greetings with our neighbors, we will think about the parties of past years and celebrate with sanitizing gels and masks.

With sarcasm and irony, A Careful Christmas cancels out all sorrow and despondency and is a cheerful and witty song. The accompanying video clip is a plasticine stop-motion made in Photoshop, Procreate and After Effects directly by Andy in his production studio in Harrogate, UK.

For a limited time, A Careful Christmas can be purchased here. What are you waiting for?
Happy listening and Merry Christmas!


Words by Federica Cimorelli

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