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Dating is Shit, the sad side of dating

In a world of apps, dick pics and commitment issues, dating can be tiring and can start to take a toll on a person, this is the short caption accompanying ‘Dating is Shit‘, the latest short film by Adeena Grubb. 

Adeena Grubb is a British animation director who has worked with dozens of internationally renowned brands such as the BBC, Burger King, Samsung and many others. For “Dating is Shit” she had to work for about two years, creating over 50 different characters and 1000 illustrations.
All this was done to convey to the viewer how difficult it can sometimes be for a single person to jump into the world of dating and how it can undermine their self-esteem. 

It’s a slightly melancholic short film, but it doesn’t take away your hope at all… Watch it to the end! 

Dating is Shit, the sad side of dating