The EQG concept car Sci-Fi campaign from Mercedes-Benz

Andrea Tuzio
mercedes benz

German automotive brand Mercedes-Benz presented “Future 2021”, the campaign that unveiled the EQG concept car, a totally electric version of the timeless Mercedes G-Class.

Unveiled at the IAA “Mobility” 2021 in Munich that opened its doors on September 7 and will close on 12 and that after 70 years moves from the historic location in Frankfurt, the futuristic EQG is a preview of what will be the fully electric version that combines the iconic look of the G-Class, characterized by off-road elements but mixed cleverly with those projected into the future of the Mercedes-EQ world.

The video that accompanies the presentation is a small masterpiece with a vintage Sci-Fi flavor characteristic of the years between the ’70s and ’80s, but also of Sci-Fi/Horror movies of the ’50s, in which you can see the peculiarities typical of many shows/TV series/films of that period such as Automan, sci-fi series of 1983 by Glen A. Larson and inspired in turn by the cult film Tron, Creature from the Black Lagoon of 1954 and many others.

A cool and counter-intuitive choice for Mercedes-Benz that to talk about the Future chooses a language that seems old-fashioned but that actually gets straight to the point, the future is already here.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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