“Deep Space”, sex and science fiction in hyperspace

Federica Cimorelli

Receiving charge of your first intergalactic mission can be a blessing, a curse, or an exciting and frightening surprise. In the case of Brandon, the astronaut protagonist of Deep SpaceBruno Tondeur‘s 2014 short film – it’s a simple occasion only on the surface. His task is to manage to find an intelligent species on another planet, leave his family at home and learn to live together in an unknown place full of unexpected dynamics.

His galactic explorations will reveal nothing but a menagerie of creatures intent only on satisfying their most animalistic instincts, and only when the protagonist returns home will he realize that on his own planet the situation is not so different.

With this science fiction short film, Bruno Tondeur tells us in his own way the possible isolating effects of a space journey, the enthusiasm of those who leave full of hope and the purest and most impulsive natural instincts.
Inspired by Barbarella and the French comic strip Métal Hurlant, Deep Space blends science fiction and sex in a very unusual way and is made with incredible energy and style.
Enjoy viewing.



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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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