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“Anywhere Can Happen”, a short film that takes us into another reality

Our imagination can take us to unknown planets, make us fantasise about reality and allow us to create worlds out of the ordinary. Mixing dreams and illusions to create new landscapes is also a good training to face each day with more lightness and in our opinion should be a daily exercise.
Fernando Livschitz, Argentinean director and founder of the production company Black Sheep Films, seems to be in tune with our words and his new short film “Anywhere Can Happen” confirms this more than anything else.

Fernando Livschitz is a master of image manipulation capable of creating surreal environments and juxtaposing contrasting elements. Working playfully with Magic Realism he shows us his vision of the world, a perspective that is the antithesis of reality and adds surprise, wit and surrealism to what we are used to seeing all the time.

Anywhere Can Happen” is an eerie and fascinating universe of galactic roller coasters, trains travelling beyond all dimensions and transformed perspectives. To the tune of Reuben and the Dark‘s cover of Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World, this short film shows the extraordinary as something ordinary and commonplace and delves into reality through the wonder it holds.

Watch it here, enjoy.

“Anywhere Can Happen”, a short film that takes us into another reality