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“United By Good Work”, Dickies’ short film celebrates the unity

After more than a year and a half in which we were forced to limit our sociality, we have finally returned to a semblance of normalcy by starting to meet and live collectively again.

Building on this sort of rebirth, Dickies made its latest short film titled “United By Good Work” which celebrates the return of togetherness and unity in the face of hardship.

The focus of the short film highlights The Grove DIY. Durante il periodo di lockdown una community di skater del sud-est di During the lockdown period a community of skateboarders in South East London transformed the outdoor parking lot of a now closed pub into a DIY skatepark.
That disused parking lot was transformed into a place for gathering, sharing and socializing, giving it back to the local community.

The campaign puts the spotlight on all those ordinary people who have made available their time, their strengths and their professionalism, in the creation of a space dedicated to the community and sociality.

“United By Good Work”, Dickies’ short film celebrates the unity