A drone filmed a volcano’s eruption from very close

Tommaso Berra
vulcano | Collater.al

Volcanic eruptions are one of the most frightening and mysterious phenomena in nature. If the fear comes from the destructive power of lava, the mystery comes from the impossibility of knowing the origin of this phenomenon, of entering the erupting volcano. A video published by GoPro, made through a video camera and a drone, managed to give us a close-up view of the eruption of an active volcano in Iceland. The images, shot in 5.3K, are incredible, it seems to witness the birth of the Earth, while the drone dodges the lapilli.
The bird’s-eye view footage passes over the craters showing the power of the lava, giving the impression of going all the way into the center of the Earth, or perhaps already in it.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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