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Barbour’s heartwarming Christmas short film featuring Paddington

It’s never too early to talk about Christmas.
In fact, it’s a little over a month away and we’re starting to feel that atmosphere that punctually kidnaps us every year these days.

Barbour has chosen to create for this Christmas 2021 a touching, and at the same time funny, animated short film starring one of the most beloved bears by children of all ages, Paddington, with his old hat, his shabby suitcase, his duffle coat and his love for jam.
A story imbued with British charm that celebrates the magic and delicacy of Christmas.

The film sees Paddington looking for an idea for a Christmas present to give Mr. Brown and noticing that his friend’s Barbour jacket is no longer in the best condition, he decides to wax it to make it like new again. Reading the instructions on how to do it, he thinks it’s “as simple as spreading jam on bread”, and sets to work turning the kitchen upside down.

The story is about affection and good feelings and how a gift can warm the heart of the recipient when it is made with love and tenderness.

Barbour’s heartwarming Christmas short film featuring Paddington