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“E Te Veng’ A Piglià”, Enea Colombi’s video for Liberato

“Liberato sings again”.

After a long absence, the artist of Campanian origin returns as every year on May 9, always on time, releasing the new single “E Te Veng’ A Piglià”, an electro-pop song, a sort of bachata intertwined with a romantic text.

But the real news is that the video was not shot by Francesco Lettieri, as in all previous occasions, but by Enea Colombi, a very talented young director who recently worked on the videos for Mecna’s new album, “Mentre nessuno guarda”.

The second news is that the video was not shot in Naples, as all previous ones, but this time was chosen Lombardy, taking advantage of the beauty of unique places like the Lakes of Tuna and the Caves of Catullus. The imaginary remains that of the 80s, where the protagonists are four young people traveling, constantly looking for their independence.
A journey without destination, in a car, strictly marked “NA” that transports them elsewhere, away from everything and everyone.

A video perhaps more symbolic than narrative as Lettieri had accustomed us in his previous works, but Enea Colombi has done a great job also thanks to a photograph taken care of in every detail, never distorting the imagery created so far by Liberato.

Could the release of “E Te Veng’ A Piglià” be a prelude to something? Possible, on the other hand, Liberato is always ready to surprise us, to disappear and return almost as if it were normal. Waiting for more news, if any, you just have to enjoy the beautiful video clip by Enea Colombi and the very lively new track that we are sure will make you dance.

“E Te Veng’ A Piglià”, Enea Colombi’s video for Liberato