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Earth Timelapse, the new Google Earth feature

A few days ago, thanks to the collaboration between Google Earth, ESA, Commissione Europea, NASA and US Geological Survey, was born Earth Timelapse, a new feature of Google Earth that reveals the changes on the planet over almost four decades of history.
The tool made public on Youtube just a few days before Earth Day 2021 reveals the changes on the planet since 1984 and shows how much humans have altered the Earth’s landscape through their actions.

Combining 24 million 2D and 3D satellite images, Earth Timelapse illustrates how real our collective footprint is and also provides visual evidence of the devastating effects of human action. Urban sprawl, deforestation, mining and agricultural growth are just some of the most destructive factors.

Earth Timelapse is a useful and extraordinary tool that not only allows us to discover the planet from a whole new dimension, but is also able to update continuously with changes in the present.

Watch the video here and visit Google Earth Engine to discover the most affected areas of the planet.



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Earth Timelapse, the new Google Earth feature