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Evil Blood: the stop motion short by Rogier Wieland

To understand the potential of Rogier Wieland and his team just look at some of his works, commissioned by large companies, made with poor materials such as paper, cardboard and wood.
Their last short film is titled “Evil Blood”, and it is a beautiful video made in stop motion with the help of a single book.

Produced for the Dutch foundation Trombosestichting, which deals with the fight against thrombosis, the studio has made and built a book trailer literally inside a book, using practically every part of it.

The pages, the cover and the text become the protagonists of the short, a book that serves to advertise the thriller produced by the Dutch foundation, which can be downloaded for free from their website.

Even if the short took a lot of hours of work to make it, the result is exceptional, good vision!





Evil Blood: the stop motion short by Rogier Wieland