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“My Creation” and the burden of insecurity

When we are insecure we need the approval of others. But if the comments we receive do not meet our expectations, how do we react?
This is the question that arises after seeing My Creation, the new short film written and starring by Matt Barats and Andrew Tisher.

This short comedy stars a young creative novice who, after sharing the fruit of his work with a friend, is annihilated by the sharp judgments of a stranger.
The euphoria and satisfaction of the first moments are thus replaced by a cloud of frustration and insecurity, questioning his every certainty and making him doubt his abilities.

Ironically, this short film wants us to understand that the judgment of others does not establish our competences and is important insofar as it does not limit our freedom.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

“My Creation” and the burden of insecurity