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Heatwave, a short about the torrid summer days

Made with plasticine and cut out shapes, Heatwave is an animated short film that is the result of very long work and thousands of elements composed and recomposed frame after frame.

The short takes us back a few months where the summer is not yet over. Produced in 2019 and directed by Greek director and designer Fokion Xenos, it tells of a classic day at the beach, in a crowded beach.

Everything seems to go in the right direction, those who play, those who are testing the temperature of the water before jumping, those who exchange two racket passages and those who instead try to take a selfie despite the heat.
But suddenly chaos explodes, in a continuous acceleration of events, those chased by flies, the girl who is forced to put sunscreen, those who see their sand castle collapse, the beach is transformed.

To bring everything back to normal a stubborn little girl will take care of it, with her courage she manages to dribble her mother and throw herself into the water bringing back the coveted peace to the coast. Everything ends with a sunset that surprises all the bathers present, before a beautiful starry night.





Heatwave, a short about the torrid summer days