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“à la fin…”, the short film about 2020 by Nicolas Lichtle

Motion designer Nicolas Lichtle has created a short film entitled “à la fin…”, an unusually ethereal representation of the crisis that will culminate in 2020.

“It is not a work on commission, it is neither fiction nor animation, the graphic style is quite unique. It is a moment of introspection, very intimate, staged through a succession of small moments imbued with poetry, absurdity and sometimes surrealism”.

The artist retraces in a somewhat bizarre way the first nine months of this 2020, the beautiful animations explore the reactions to COVID-19, the fires raging all over the planet and the infinite distractions of technology.
In the short film the faces of the characters remain anonymous, covered with plants, images that we have seen repeatedly this year.

A man running on a treadmill while someone is nearby to sanitize him, a figure with the head of a bowling ball screams through a megaphone at straight pins, and two women happily greet a distant burnt land.

In just 140 seconds Nicolas Lichtle was able to sum up these few months, good vision!


“à la fin…”, the short film about 2020 by Nicolas Lichtle