“Inseparable” is a story of sacrifice and love

Giulia Guido

Putting aside for a moment more mainstream products such as Doctor Strange or Sherlock, if you study Benedict Cumberbatch‘s career more closely you will discover some real gems, such as “Inseparable”.

Directed by Nick White in 2007, “Inseparable” is a 12-minute short film whose strength lies not so much in the words or dialogue, but in the looks, the grateful, the music, the empty moments.

Cumberbatch is called upon here to play the roles of both main characters, Joe and Charlie, twins. Joe has a nice house, a wife, a son, and a good job. Charlie has lost everything in gambling and lives on the margins of society. One day, however, something unexpected and tragic will lead the two brothers to meet again and exchange lives. The only words that ring in our heads at the end are “It’s going to be alright“. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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