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The touching John Lewis’ Christmas ad

British department store John Lewis has taken the decisive step to usher in the Christmas season by unveiling “Unexpected Guest,” its new Christmas commercial.
The story is about Nathan, a 14-year-old boy who, after seeing a light trail disappear behind a hill, decides to venture into the woods to find out what it is. Here he finds Skye, his alien peer to whom he introduces the goodness of Christmas gestures and Earth traditions. Together they build a Christmas tree, play snowballs (Skye has an extra weapon) and watch the Christmas lights of the city from afar. The ending is for strong hearts and the last scene is as sweet as the mince pie that Nathan makes Skye taste for the first time.
With “Unexpected Guest” John Lewis wants to recreate the emotion of discovering Christmas for the first time, a metaphor for the Christmas we are about to celebrate after the unusual one we experienced in 2020. UK Department store commercials are a tradition in the UK that will involve the chain’s stores again this year. The spaceship will land in the stores of the brand, as well as the Christmas sweater worn by the protagonists.

The touching John Lewis’ Christmas ad
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