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Money Is The One True God: video art made with banknotes

We use banknotes on a daily basis and yet it is difficult to remember which illustrations and engravings are represented on each size. We identify them with colors and often vaguely remember only that, on euros for example, are illustrated different architectural styles.In addition to our coin, many others have beautiful designs, or detailed geometric decorations, often only decorative but very interesting from a graphic point of view.

The video Money Is The One True God, made by artist Lachlan Turczan uses just so many small details discovered among banknotes from 23 countries, in a period of time ranging from 1800 to the present day. The result is a story in motion, in which the protagonists are the gods and allegorical figures engraved on paper money.
To animate the banknotes, they had to be enlarged using high-resolution scanning, using machine learning programs to further enhance the lines and bring out the beauty and complexity of the engravings.

Money Is The One True God: video art made with banknotes