The Lonely Goalkeeper, the sad fate of the number ones

Emanuele D'Angelo

Goalkeeper are the lone heroes. Those who cannot be mistaken. There, abandoned to their own fate under the eyes of the stadium.
The Lonely Goalkeeper is a short film shot and designed by Dress Code studio, which tells the ninety minutes of the goalkeeper, the pre and post game of the most important role of the game of soccer.

It is true that soccer is a team game, in which 11 people try to score one goal more than the opponent, but the goalkeeper is always confined there, in his big but small area, behind that abyss represented by the goal, called to defend until the last second.

The beautiful short is narrated by an exceptional number one, Bob Wilson, Arsenal’s historic goalkeeper.
Wilson, recalling his past, reflects on the responsibilities, the pressure and the weight of errors that only goalkeepers have. But “when all else has failed”, only he is left to defend the goal, the team and dreams.
And this is perhaps also the most beautiful experience, but at the same time the ugliest, because even one small mistake can affect the entire performance, unlike his colleagues.


Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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