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One Minute Talk – Lucia Biancalana

Lucia Biancalana is the first guest of the new format of TV One Minute Talk. In a one-minute interview, the illustrator and street artist, born in Perugia but based in Antwerp, talks about her relationship with an inclusive art, which has value because it is “shared with everyone“.
In Milan Lucia Biancalana tells how much street art has, within the urban fabric, a great importance also from the communicative perspective. The murals create a close relationship between the work and the citizens, thanks to the color that covers streets and buildings.
The artist also tells us about her plans for the future, and about a project she would like to realize in Italy.

Watch the whole interview with Lucia Biancalana for One Minute Talk and stay tuned to TV for the next videos in the series.

One Minute Talk – Lucia Biancalana