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“Migrants’, a touching story about climate change

Just a few days ago, five students from the French school Pôle 3D published their short filmMigrants” on Vimeo and there is already talk of a possible Oscar nomination. 

Zoé Devise, Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak and Lucas Lermytte have, in an 8-minute short film, successfully dealt with the two issues that have perhaps most characterised the last 10 years: climate change and the problem of migrants. 

The protagonists of “Migrants” are a mother polar bear and her cub, who are forced to leave their habitat and find themselves in a new environment due to the ever faster melting of the glaciers, where they inevitably end up clashing with the local population who, instead of helping them, make them understand in every possible way that they are not welcome. 

In addition to its subject matter, the short film stands out for its perfect technique: the characters look like knitted soft toys, while the sets are digitally produced and recall stop-motion techniques. 

“Migrants’, a touching story about climate change