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Optical Arts’ new short film celebrating classical music

After dedicating a short film to Bach’s “Toccata“, London-based studio Optical Arts has returned to one of the masterpieces of classical music and combined it with visually striking and, as the English would say, “satisfying” images. The piece in question is Fugue in A major by mid-1900s Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich, a piece that scholars have declared to be a veiled criticism of the Stalin regime in force at the time it was written.

The notes form the background and give rhythm to the images we see: a weight is thrown at various objects, from eggs to plastic cups to pieces of coloured glass, shattering everything in its path.

The shot is always the same, as is the movement of the weight, and the choice of slowing down the image to create a slow motion allows us to see every single detail of the objects shatter as they follow the melody.


Optical Arts’ new short film celebrating classical music