How to Float, what it means to suffer from anxiety and depression

Giulia Guido
How to Float

What does it mean to suffer from anxiety and depression? This is a question to which many people, even those who have experienced it at first hand or those who study these subjects, are unable to give an exhaustive answer or one that really makes them understand the complexity of the issue.
The Good Form studio has tried to tell the story with images, which are often more powerful than words, in the animated short film How to Float.

It is a sunny morning in a city that could be Porto or Lisbon, and the protagonist of the short starts the day like any other. Soon, however, she finds herself overwhelmed by her worries.

Not being able to breathe, running away, feeling lost, lonely and swallowed up by her own thoughts is represented through the element of water: at first, worries come in the form of rain under which you can run, but you cannot escape. Then, once wet and distressed, the rain turns into a sea where you can wander lonely, clinging to a makeshift raft, but which is ready to drag everything down to the dark, shadowy depths. 

How to Float has a hopeful ending that invites us to find the strength within ourselves to make the sun shine again. 

Design & Animation: Good Form Studio
Story by: Alix Ablaza
Sound Design: Toronto Sound

Written by Giulia Guido
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