Orthographe, where theatre, performance, visual arts and music meet light

Giulia Pacciardi

After Odd Garden and Rota Lab, the third creative reality that told its story to Alhambra was Orthographe, a cultural association founded in Ravenna in 2004, in conjunction with the Biennale directed by Romeo Castellucci.

On the occasion of their event at Collater.at Studio in Milan, we met Alessandro Panzavolta and Marco Parollo and we were told more about their artistic path that, from the beginning, has managed to intertwine the typical language of theatrical performance with music and visual arts, also focusing their research on optical devices applied to the arts.

Discover more about Orthographe’s work by watching the short documentary that you can find here.

Production: Collater.al Studio
Talent: Orthographe
Video maker: Vieri dalla Chiesa
Client: Alhambra

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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