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“Save Your Tears”, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande new remix

It was 6 November 2020 when The Weeknd‘s single Save Your Tears, the eleventh track from his album After Hours, was released. A synth pop track that went on to win several silver, gold and platinum records and topped the charts around the world.
Now, just over six months later, a new version of the same track has been released, a remix with Ariana Grande that marks the fourth collaboration between the artists after Off the Table, Positions and Love Me Harder.

I don’t know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Take me back cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another day

The official video clip promoting it is a 3:25 minute animated work, born of the union between Blinkink and Jack Brown – the London-based production company and the British director.
Picking up on the aesthetics of the original video, the remix emphasises the criticism of the false and illusory rules of show business and the corruption behind the music industry. In this video clip too, the appeal seems the same, namely a further call for transparency. After all, the presence of Tomas Osinski and Chris Hanley’s Invisible House at the beginning of the video removes all doubt.

Tell us what you think, watch the video clip here and enjoy listening.



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“Save Your Tears”, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande new remix