The new stop motion animated video clip by Zeugl

Federica Cimorelli

Iñigo Montoya is a Parisian band named after the protagonist of Princess Bride, a Spanish cult book and film from the late 1990s. Chasseur Chassé is the title of their latest track, a song that mixes electronic, rock and pop that was born from the union of different creative minds.
For the official launch on 16 April, were involved Zeugl, a French creative duo composed of Lolita Do Peso Diogo and Gabriel Wéber, the artists who made the video clip.

“The band puts forward quite a dark vision of the contemporary technological society, its social connections and relation to time and nature. We used emojis as the raw material because they are a very convenient tool: flexible, rich, and offering many alternatives depending on the font. Moreover, emojis are one of the most universally used digital communication tools and therefore are a mirror of society’s beliefs and subjects of interest. They also act as a simplifying and taming censoring tool over the events they comment on and the messages they translate.”

Using a pixel art technique and a 64×36 grid board, Zeugl created a hypnotic stop motion animation made entirely out of emoji.
The scenes and objects depicted relate to the theme proposed in the song, are images translated and simplified to the extreme, colour coded and made readable. Zeugl used a total of 450 emoji, all from the Apple set.

Watch the video clip here and enjoy a totally immersive experience. Enjoy watching and listening.


Written, composed, produced and directed by Iñigo Montoya
Written and composed by Quentin Convard & Pierre Plantin
Mixed by Pierre Plantin
Mastered by Adrien Pallot – Chab Mastering
Published by Echo Orange


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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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