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The sixth episode of Possibile Musica with Lucio Aquilina

Possibile Musica is a survey focused on culture, language and sound evolution that dialogues with artists attentive to expressions of futuristic temperament. Articulated as a live talk, Kadmonia‘s project, conceived and curated by artistic director and cultural curator Germano Centorbi (founder of the creative agency) and music journalist Giovanni Coppola (VICE, L’Ultimo Disco), has met in its previous stages Alfio Antico, Juri Camisasca, the Uzeda, Luciano Cantone and Marta De Pascalis. The meeting is accompanied by a musical selection curated by the guest, a vehicle to the conversation with the conductor and a means to get even more in touch with the free narration of the conversation.

The guest of the sixth episode is Lucio Aquilina, born in 1985, multifaceted artist born in the Quartieri Spagnoli, in the heart of Naples. One of the most interesting names of the Italian techno scene since very young, since 2014 the collaboration with Massimo Di Lena brings to light Nu Genea, a project made of meticulous research that draws inspiration from little explored sound lands, sifting through the music of the past and reworking it into a personal sound formula: pure groove with disco influences, funk, boogie, electronic, folk and much more. In 2018, the duo released the highly acclaimed Nuova Napoli, a tribute to their hometown, in which synthesizers become a bridge between past and future, blending with acoustic instruments, electronics and Neapolitan language vocals, and a few weeks ago they returned to make us dance with the single Marechià. 

To tell the influences of music and his artistic journey from piano studies to Berlin to discoveries in record stores around the world, Lucio Aquilina has edited for Possibile Musica a tracklist that marks a real geography of his passions: from Ornella Vanoni to Alberto Radius passing through Herni Guedon and Matt Bianco, with some of the images of Naples Eighties as Oro and Daniela Davoli.

The event was produced by Kadmonia in partnership with Red Bull, hosted by Giovanni Coppola and filmed in the garden of Azienda Agricola Pupillo, in Syracuse.

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The sixth episode of Possibile Musica with Lucio Aquilina