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Sog, the battle of men against nature

In the animated short Sog by independent director and actor Jonatan Schwenk, there is a bit of everything. There is both the story and the technique.

The short tells a dystopian drama: a group of men is woken up in the night by the screams of a shoal of fish stuck in the branches of a tree as a result of a flood. A logical solution would have been to help the animals return to the water, but sometimes before the logic comes instinct and anger. The fate of the fish is not at all pleasant, but then, what will be the mood of man?

Sog, in addition to staging a story that makes you think, is a small film masterpiece, because Jonatan managed to combine in such a short time stop-motion, live action, CG and 2D. All this led Sog to receive over 40 awards and mentions and to be screened in 124 festivals.

Sog, the battle of men against nature