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“Spell of the West”, the animated short film by Sam Lane

Rose lives a simple, quiet life on an isolated farm among the cacti of the Far West. Her friends are few and far between and her life seems to go on smoothly. One day, an unknown enemy invades the land and destroys the nature that surrounds it. It is time to make a choice and set off on an adventure to restore the environment to the justice it deserves.
This is a brief simplification of the plot of “Spell of the West“, the animated short film by Sam Lane, an American director and animator. On the surface it might seem like a normal adventure story, but it is a colourful, funny and surprisingly moving work.

Spell of the West” not only tells the story of Rose and an episode in her life, but also explores the meaning of existence and the importance of human’s relationship with his surroundings. In vivid, expansive landscapes, with humour and a hint of strangeness, this short film is a tribute to nature and its value to humanity.

Watch it here.


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“Spell of the West”, the animated short film by Sam Lane