“Take Care”, Doc Morris’ new Christmas campaign

Collater.al Contributors

An old, lonely and sad man one day wakes up and suddenly decides to work hard. He enters his old shed, dusts off the equipments of a lifetime and slowly begins to train.
But what is that drives him to get involved at any moment?
That’s the question that comes up when you look at Take Care, the new Christmas campaign by Doc Morris – one of Germany’s biggest online pharmaceutical services.

Will be his a desire for redemption? Are he trying to revive his youth? Or is it to prove something to that grumpy neighbour?

Take Care pushes us to get to the bottom of the story, look for every possible motivation and keep us glued to the screen until the end. We just have to wait to really understand what it is about, to reflect and get excited.

Directed by Sune Sorensen and produced by Markenfilm, Doc Morris’ Christmas campaign has a serious and important underlying message. Take Care reminds us that health is something very important to us, but especially to our loved ones and that, in order to take care of others, we must first feel good about ourselves.

“So you can take care of what matters in life”

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Collater.al Contributors
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