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“The Desert”, il mondo post-umano di Michael Dockery

Forget those classic post-apocalyptic films where you don’t really know how someone always manages to survive and this someone just happens to have the skills and knowledge to preserve the human race. In The Desert by Michael Dockery, everything is much more realistic, so realistically in a post-apocalyptic world, where no animal race has managed to survive, it is also a post-human world. 

The only things that manage to survive are robots, machines and computers that now have no real purpose. 

The Desert tries to visualise a future where, contrary to popular belief that machines will take over, machines are the only ones left and they don’t know who or what to control. How it will end. 

In addition to the thought on which the short film is based, special mention must be made of the aesthetics that have been achieved by Michael Dockery and his team over three years of work. 

Rough animation: Georgia Kriss, Aggelos Papantoniou, Nick Simpson
Clean-up animation: Michael Dockery, Toby Garrow, Georgia Kriss, Aggelos Papantoniou, Nick Simpson
FX: Michael Dockery
Colourist: Michael Dockery
Background Artist: Michael Dockery
Music & Sound Design: Michael Dockery
Executive Producer: Mike Cowap
Made with support from Princess Bento

“The Desert”, il mondo post-umano di Michael Dockery