The Jacket: the art and work of Domenico Romeo

Giulia Pacciardi
The Jacket the art and work of Domenico Romeo |

A short documentary that tells a parallel story and focuses on a detail that is difficult to grasp, but essential: the jacket worn by the tennis player and testimonial Roger Federer in the new role of Davide Oldani’s sous-chef.

Through the story of Romeo, an artist, and designer based in Milan, we follow the entire process of realization, from the original concept to the choice of subject, colors, and strokes. A work that focuses on gestures and the need to find a new language, between philosophy, semantics, anthropology, and art.

“I do what I do to communicate what is impossible to communicate”

Production/Creative Direction: Studio and Loft Films
Shot & Directed: Daniele Fazio

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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