The Ostrich politic, to turn a blind eye is never the right choice

Giulia Guido
the ostrich politic |

Let’s go back to talking about the French school of animation Gobelins with an animated short film that serves to make us reflect. It’s entitled The Ostrich politic and it’s written by the Lebanese director Mohammad Houhou and nothing more than our own history, but not only that, it’s a clear and traumatic representation of how things are going.

Ostriches continue their daily activities by burying their heads, not only in the sand as we are used to seeing, but everywhere, believing it to be instinctive behavior. However, one day a research by the phylogenetic Dr. Kays proves the opposite.

Now, by comparing their existence to a situation of slavery, we might think that once freed from this social constraint, the assholes begin to live the lives they want, they really want. Instead, the only thing they try to do to save themselves from this strange sense of freedom, inevitably linked to having to take responsibility for their choices, is to find a new place to put their heads in, so as to return to turn a blind eye.

Written by Giulia Guido
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