BACKSTORY, a man’s life from birth to death, shot from behind

Giulia Guido
backstory |

It’s called BACKSTORY, the short film made by the director Joschka Laukeninks, which, in a unique way, manages to restore the emotions, the ups and downs of a lifetime.

For about five minutes, we follow the life of a man, from his birth to his death, in all the most important phases, during all those moments that each of us has passed. The first memory, the first day of school, parents fighting, teenage crush, sport, parties, work and so on, until you get to divorce, bereavement, old age.

Despite the fact that the short film lasts so little, Joschka manages to make us identify with the protagonist thanks to a technical trick, an unusual choice of direction, that is, never to show us his face. In every single shot the main character is seen from behind as if the director were asking us to take his place.

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