Watch the trailer of the new series by SATATTTVISION

Giulia Pacciardi
Guarda il trailer della nuova serie targata SATATTTVISION |

Much more than a tattoo studio, much more than an artists’ collective, SATATTTVISION is one of the most fascinating realities of Milan.

Yuri and Andrea, before being two tattoo artists, are two writers who have their roots in the world of graffiti, a reality that, over the years, has led them to dedicate body and soul, literally, to their project.

Since February 2016, in fact, their home is the studio in Via Alessandro Tadino, a place where every choice has a meaning, like that of minimal design that characterizes it, a way to leave room for the stories of those who want to tattoo and those of international guests that hosts.
Stories that will be the protagonists of the latest idea of the SATA family, a web series that will tell the everyday life of the studio and all those who are part of it.

Watch the trailer here while we wait for the first episode.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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