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Transparency, is the loss of privacy worth more security?

Orwell’s 1984 idea evolves into an animated short. In the video Transparency the famous phrase “Big Brother is watching you” becomes “I can see through you” and the creator of the short film, Daniel Šuljić, takes us on a journey into a world where everything, every movement, and every choice are controlled by scanners. It is a safe world, where those who are innocent and honest have nothing to hide, but a question arises spontaneously: How much of our private lives are we willing to sacrifice to have more security?


Idea, drawing, director: Daniel Šuljić
Animation: Martina Meštrović, David Lovrić, Jelena Oroz, Nenad Laktašić, Daniel Šuljić
Sound effects: Stanislav Kovačić
Sound design: Daniel Šuljić
Compositing: Daniel Šuljić
Production: Kreativni
Producent: Igor Grubić
Executive producer: Morana Bing
Made possible with the support of Croatian audiovisual center, HAVC.

Transparency, is the loss of privacy worth more security?