Venice, Oliver Astrologo’s breathtaking video

Giulia Guido
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It has been an exhausting week for Venice, for the Venetians, for the Italians, but not only. The images of the water that inexorably swallows everything and with slow perseverance destroys the shops, squares, bars, palaces and with them, our hopes, the memories that we have related to this city, will remain indelibly in our hearts, in our eyes.

For this reason today we propose a short film by a video maker that we know well thanks to previous works, Oliver Astrologo.

This video of 3 years ago shows Venice in its best guise, so much so that we can perceive the sound of the waves that break on the docks, the echo that forms in the calli, up to that smell of salt that arrives carried by the wind.

Today the memory of Oliver and Nils Astrologo seems a distant memory, we hope that time, perseverance and the desire for redemption will bring us back the Venice we know and love. We like to believe that beauty, against everything, will resist.


Written by Giulia Guido
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