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Hors Piste, an Oscar-winning rescue

One of the best schools of animation is the French École des Nouvelles Images, whose students are asked each year to make animated short films following a specific theme.

This year, Hors Piste, the animated short film by four students from the last year, Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert and Oscar Malet, was created. They had to develop a story by tackling the delicate theme of getting lost in the mountains.

Knowing the subject well – since the fathers of two of the boys are mountaineers -, the students have created a funny and comic story that follows the stories of two rescuers. We don’t spoil the finale because Hors Piste is worth being seen, ms we want to make a special mention to Nicolas Peiron who has edited the music that fits perfectly to the action.

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Hors Piste, an Oscar-winning rescue