Music Vinilica vol. 101 – COREI

Vinilica vol. 101 – COREI

Giulia Guido

Born in 1997, Francesco Sini aka COREI is one of those artists we’ll surely keep hearing about and if you don’t believe us just listen to his new single “Arizona”, released on 23rd July by Trident Music and Universal Polydor

COREI grew up in Bologna’s rap scene, performing from a very young age both in the city’s clubs and in freestyle battles, starting to get noticed and record his first works at home. After a period within a crew, in 2017 he started a solo path publishing first a mixtape of 21 tracks and this year his first single with Trident Music and Universl Polydor entitled “Vita Mia”, followed a few days ago by “Arizona”. 

Over the years his sound has changed and today COREI defines his genre as Cloudy Music: in fact, while rap and hip hop focus on telling the story of a generation, COREI presents a more personal narrative and uses lyrics and music to tell about himself and his experiences.  

We hope that “Actions” is the beginning of something bigger, in the meantime COREI has made an exclusive playlist for us with the songs that inspire and influence him, 40 minutes ranging from Drake to Simon & Garfunkel. Don’t miss it!  


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Written by Giulia Guido
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