Vinilica Vol. 28 – Frenetik & Orang3

To sign the Vinilica number 28 there are a couple of artists who, on, you have known in many different ways.
They were the protagonists of an entire project, of several articles in which we told you about their first album, Zero Sei, and of others in which we focused on some of the songs that, by now, you all know.
When we realized that we didn’t have their own playlist, we decided to ask them.

Frenetik & Orang3, the duo of producers and multi-instrumentalists, tell us about their musical choice, take a minute before listening to it:

“It’s not just about music but about emotions, every song we have chosen has a precise place, a precise smell and a precise colour for us. This playlist tells what has been our path of discovery, from the songs that first aroused our musical curiosity to those for which we went into fixation in recent times. Have a good trip” – F&O


Vinilica Vol. 28 Frenetik e Orange | 1 Vinilica Vol. 28 Frenetik e Orange | 2


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