Vinilica vol.52 – Adriano

Vinilica vol.52 – Adriano

Emanuele D'Angelo
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Adriano Di Mauro, in art simply Adriano, is not only a singer-songwriter but also an illustrator and a few weeks ago his first EP was released, “Galleggiare“. The artist of Catania origins manages to merge his two worlds, drawing with delicate warm colors the thoughts and ideas that give life to his beautiful songs.

His first concept EP, titled “Galleggiare“, entirely illustrated and animated by his travels on electropop sounds, four songs that mix the Italian songwriter Battisti, psychedelia, French lo-fi pop.
A container of sensations, as Adriano himself, says, that he has carried inside since he was a child and that with time have evolved together with him, to become today a beautiful Ep, which we strongly recommend you to listen to.

Here is the playlist made personally by Adriano, with all his musical influences, to listen to float in your room.

In this playlist there is my past and present, but in a way also the future. So much music that influenced me and from which I take inspiration to create new songs.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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