Art The delicate and rosy illustrations by Nicola Jane

The delicate and rosy illustrations by Nicola Jane

Giulia Guido

In strokes of color, Nicola Jane illustrates the feminine universe, intimate and sensual.

Unlike many of her colleagues, Nicola Jane’s passion for illustration passes through the world of marketing. Yes, after studying communication and working in marketing for two years, Nicola began to create illustrations inspired by his favorite beauty brands. Over time she began to receive more and more approval and appreciation, so much so that she was able to turn her hobby into a job. Today, in fact, in addition to more than 20 thousand followers on Instagram, Nicola Jane works with some of those brands that inspired her, but also with small women’s start-ups. 

Because the master in her work, both commissioned and personal, is a female universe populated by young fashionable girls, strong and independent, walking in the street or in the intimacy of their apartments. 

The subjects, moreover, go perfectly with the color palette used by Nicola Jane, which starts with white and ends with pink, passing through infinite shades of antique white, biscuit, cream, sand, ochre, or peach. 

Below you can find a selection of Nicola Jane’s illustrations, to find out more go to her Instagram profile or on her website

Written by Giulia Guido
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