Art The Vivid Sidney light festival has begun

The Vivid Sidney light festival has begun

Tommaso Berra
Vivid Sidney |

The countdown that punctuated the wait has recently ended, Vivid Sidney, the festival of light and creativity that the Australian city has been missing for two years, has begun. After being canceled for two consecutive years due to Covid-19, Sidney will once again host the show that involves different creative expressions, linked together by the city’s light and reflections on the Ocean.
Lanterns and neon and laser shows, but also animated mapping among Vivid’s attractions, such as the one that will decorate the Opera House, giving the famous building designed by architect Jørn Utzon an unprecedented look.

The light shows will be repeated every day from May 27 through June 18, from 6 to 11 p.m. local time. Other highlights of the festival include a screening on Customs House by landscape architect Ken Done and a bubble walk in Darling Harbour Bay. Among the most anticipated shows among those scheduled at Vivid Sidney will be one that will see a choreography of 600 illuminated drones flying over Circular Quay.

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