Art The women of the painter Fipé Gouge Merrall

The women of the painter Fipé Gouge Merrall

Giulia Pacciardi

The woman’s body has always been one of the most loved subjects by artists of all kinds, and the Australian Fipé Gouge Merrall makes no secret of being one of them.
Much of her artistic production revolves around the forms of the female body that she represents in every facet, difference, or equality.

Originally from Sydney, where she graduated from the National Art School, she now lives in Sweden where she spends her days experimenting with style, using a wide variety of colors and materials, on abstract landscapes and human figures.

The women she portrays are different but none of them are told in a romantic way, some are characterized by sinuous shapes, others more muscular and Junoesque, some are portrayed in moments of loneliness, tiredness, twisted on themselves or leaning on the ground.
Others are more cheerful, jumping, running, dancing and enjoying their freedom.
All the nuances of these women are made with watercolour painting, oil pastels, chalk, charcoal and ballpoint pen, means that allow her to have an extremely meticulous attention to detail, to create on these very small bodies details that make them unique.

Her production is divided into “Artworks” and “Line Drawings”, here you can find a selection.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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