Xaviera Altena and her pop illustrations inspired by the 90s

Xaviera Altena was born and raised in Rotterdam, developing her passion for drawing from a young age, in fact,  at the age of ten, she decided she would become an illustrator.

She collaborated with Vans and worked for several editorial brands such as MTV and Die Zeit who found in her the spokesperson for a fresh, cool and original style. As stated on her website:

“I’m inspired by (90’s) pop culture, modern-day culture and our ever-changing society”.

Borrowing some visual elements from 90s pop culture, Xaviera reinterprets them to update and adapt them to our society through a colorful, magnetic and lively style. In this regard, there are in fact references to themes such as feminism, social movements, and politics, which have guaranteed various commissions from De Correspondent, City Guide, and Rotterdampas.

The intent of the artist is to convey “good vibes” to the viewer through her daring female characters, through scenes of everyday life and details created with clean but effective linework. Follow Xaviera on Instagram or visit her site that you find here.


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