Style The YEEZY Gap effect

The YEEZY Gap effect

Andrea Tuzio

The effects after the unexpected news released on Friday that Kanye West and Gap have entered into a partnership agreement for the next 10 years were not long in coming.
The first and most striking was that the shares of the company founded in 1969 by Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Mrs. Doris Fisher, had a 42% increase in Wall Street in just 3 days. This was more or less predictable given the overwhelming impact that Mr. West has on anything associated with his name, what was not expected is what happened at 555 Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

The address is that of the Gap store in West’s hometown and it has been completely covered by a gigantic and mysterious white sheet on which, on one side we find the Gap logo revisited for the collaboration with the letters “YZY”, while on the other, written “by hand” by Kanye himself, there is a more or less cryptic message that reads like this:

Thank God
Hi Chicago it’s me
This is [the] Gap store
I used to shop at when
I would drive my Nissan
from the southside
so blessed
I thank god and I am
so humbled at the
opportunity to serve
I put my heart into the
color palette and every
detail I love Tron the original
Do you like stuff
I don’t know what to do with
my hands

In this sort of declaration of intent and love there is a further enigmatic reference, that of the 1982 film Tron (the original one and not the 2010 sequel). For those who are not fans of the genre we are talking about an absolute cult with a young Jeff Bridges (Oscar winner in 2010 for Best Actor for Crazy Heart), the first science fiction film to focus on virtual reality.

Tron is a psychedelic journey inside a video game trap and sees the protagonists compete in suggestive and deadly races between virtual motorcycles, the Light Cycle, to fight a diabolical and tyrannical artificial intelligence software.

Kanye’s nod to the film sparks some initial ideas about the first collaborative collection between Gap and Ye, which will be called YEEZY Gap, and which should see the light in the first half of 2021.
Kanye’s desire to create a “democratic” collection had led him to think of a minimalist stylistic choice, along the lines of Jesus Is King‘s merch, but this hint of Tron could be a clue to something that nobody had taken into consideration.
No dates or other information has been given about it, but we are sure that something will move soon and it will certainly be something we hadn’t thought about.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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