Yohji Yamamoto, the vanguardist

Yohji Yamamoto, the vanguardist

Andrea Tuzio · 4 days ago · Art, Style

Yesterday Supreme presented the 4th drop of Fall/Winter 2020, the first-ever collaboration between the New York skate brand and one of the most influential contemporary designers, Yohji Yamamoto. The collection combines Yamamoto’s unique aesthetic sensibility with the background of Supreme and the works of street artist Sancheeto, graphic designer Peter Saville and artist Yuuka Asakura.

The collection will be released Thursday, September 17th on the Supreme webshop.

Yohji Yamamoto is a craftsman, an avant-garde master who has inspired and influenced entire generations in the course of his 50-year activity.

Born in Tokyo in 1943, his mother tailor had a store in Kabukicho – a very lively neighborhood in Shinjuku – and graduated in law from Keio University in Minato, Tokyo.

After graduating in 1966, he realized that the forensic career wasn’t in his stride because “he didn’t want to be part of ordinary society”, so he went to his mother and told her that he wanted to work with her and help her out in the store. 

Yamamoto’s first job at the family store was as an assistant, his mother allowed him to work with her making it clear that he would have to work hard and learn everything there was to learn. At her request, he enrolled at Bunka Fashion College, famous for training designers of the caliber of Junya Watanabe and Kenzo Takada.

He completed his studies and graduated from the Bunka where he won a scholarship to go to Paris for a year, there he began to get to know the world of ready-to-wear that was making space in response to that of high fashion. 

Back in Tokyo, Yamamoto founded his first brand, Y’s, in 1972 and gradually made his name throughout Japan. However, it was in 1977 that the Japanese designer was given the success he deserved thanks to a collection inspired by the punk movement.

Once he got what he wanted in his country, he decided to return to Paris in 1981 where he opened his first store.

Yamamoto’s work, together with that of Rei Kawakubo, has undoubtedly helped to radically change contemporary fashion thanks to an unprecedented approach. His incredible craftsmanship, decomposed and oversized shapes, dominant black, strong and durable fabrics have identified a precise aesthetic thanks to which Yohji Yamamoto has combined high fashion and streetwear, tradition and innovation.

Yohji Yamamoto, the vanguardist
Yohji Yamamoto, the vanguardist
Yohji Yamamoto, the vanguardist
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Spidertag and the new neon mural in Sweden

Spidertag and the new neon mural in Sweden

Giulia Guido · 20 hours ago · Art

In these last months several categories of workers have found themselves forced to stop and among them certainly stand out the artists who for a long time had to put a brake on their creativity, on the desire to achieve something. 
Now, very slowly, the situation seems to resume its normal course and creatives all over the world can go back to making art. Among them, there is certainly Spidertag, who after a stop of 9 months, has returned to illuminate the streets with his neon murals from Sweden. 

In the last few days, the urban art festival “Take Tomorrow Back” took place in the town of Söderhamn and, among the artists involved, Spidertag did a lot of talking about himself with his Interactive Neon Mural #9

Since 2015, the Spanish street artist has made his way into the international art scene thanks to the discovery of a material that set him apart from all others: battery-powered neon cables.

Spidertag models the cables at will, placing them on entire facades of often abandoned buildings and then, at night, when each of them is illuminated with a different color the magic begins. 

Not to miss Spidertag’s next works follow him on Instagram

Spidertag and the new neon mural in Sweden
Spidertag and the new neon mural in Sweden
Spidertag and the new neon mural in Sweden
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Watch the trailer of “I Am Greta”, the documentary about Greta Thunberg

Watch the trailer of “I Am Greta”, the documentary about Greta Thunberg

Emanuele D'Angelo · 19 hours ago · Art

The documentary dedicated to Greta Thunberg is now coming out. The work is directed by Nathan Grossman from Sweden and will be premiered on Hulu on November 13, 2020.

The documentary will propose an intimate portrait of a teenager who has managed to shake the consciences of all, from ordinary citizens to politicians.
As an icon of the fight against climate change, it is impossible to forget the speech given at the United Nations Conference in 2018.

A film that went around the world, consecrating the activist, to the point of convincing Hulu to invest in making “I Am Greta”.

Not much is yet known about the documentary, but in theory, it should show us the more intimate side of the activist, highlighting how she is really dedicated to her ideals.

Waiting for the release, here is the trailer.

Watch the trailer of “I Am Greta”, the documentary about Greta Thunberg
Watch the trailer of “I Am Greta”, the documentary about Greta Thunberg
Watch the trailer of “I Am Greta”, the documentary about Greta Thunberg
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Blooming Playground, Tellas’ artwork in Turin

Blooming Playground, Tellas’ artwork in Turin

Giulia Guido · 2 days ago · Art

As in many buildings in Turin, also inside the former Military Academy, behind Piazza Castello, there is a courtyard, a sort of secret garden. It is here that, since September 10, Tellas has been working on an artwork that aims to combine art and sport. 
Blooming Playground“, this is the title of the work created on the occasion of the reopening of ARTiglieria – Centro d’Arte Contemporanea and the start of the new edition of Paratissima 2020, which this year, with a new exhibition format, will host the works of independent artists in its spaces.  

With this intervention, Tellas, a street artist known worldwide and known for his works that manage to blend natural and landscape elements with the place where the artwork is executed, presents us again a work focused on nature. 
The basketball court of about 550 square meters has been transformed into a huge canvas and, inspired by the two maples in the center of the courtyard, the artist has created a new landscape around them. 

Blooming Playground” is a project promoted by PRS – Paratissima Produzioni & Servizi with the aim of creating a place frequented all year round, especially by young people, and where they can cultivate their creativity. Lorenzo Germark, CEO PRS said: “The choice of the artist, the naturalistic theme of the sketch and the decision to safeguard the trees are well defined choices of design direction dictated by the desire to integrate art in the urban context of the ARTiglieria“. 

PMS Basketball collaborated with the initiative, whose president Luigi Lacidona enthusiastically commented on the participation in the project, stressing the link between culture and sport: “I believe that in their diversity, art and sport share the same social value: both are able to unite people and make them feel unique feelings and emotions“. 
Among the partners there are also Elettrogruppo Zerouno and PPG Univer, the latter was fundamental for the realization of the mural as it provided Tellas with the necessary material, such as products based on special acrylic resins and micronized fillers, perfect to be used on surfaces such as asphalt.

Blooming Playground” will be inaugurated on Thursday, September 24th and will be the background for the different activities and initiatives scheduled during the year. 

Photo by Simone Di Gioia

Blooming Playground, Tellas’ artwork in Turin
Blooming Playground, Tellas’ artwork in Turin
Blooming Playground, Tellas’ artwork in Turin
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Lito Leaf, from a leaf to a work of art

Lito Leaf, from a leaf to a work of art

Emanuele D'Angelo · 3 days ago · Art

Just one leaf and the creativity of the artist Lito Leaf comes to life and creates something extraordinary simply from nothing.

I make positive use of my concentration despite a deficit problem (ADHD), I try to commit only to my work and clipping.

There is no right or wrong way to make art. Anyone can create anything they want using any shape, medium, material, or canvas they want.
From divers diving into the abysses meeting sharks to a rhinoceros brushing its calf’s teeth to superheroes, Japanese artist Lito Leaf sculpts the most fun and unusual scenarios on its leaves.

The artist uses a very precise cutout technique, a closer examination of each piece reveals surprising details that create dreamlike and unusual narratives.

From a simple and common leaf comes out something wonderful, here is one below our selection of his most beautiful works.

Lito Leaf, from a leaf to a work of art
Lito Leaf, from a leaf to a work of art
Lito Leaf, from a leaf to a work of art
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