Young Designer Store, our interview with the young designer Terence Coton

11 April 2017

Since April 4, 2017 will be available on Young Designer Store, the exclusive showcase with the capsule collection created by four young designers of Istituto Marangoni.

Young Designer Store is an initiative of Amazon Italia and Istituto Marangoni created to promote four of the best young talents of the Design School in Milan and their furniture and furnishing objects.

Matteo Agati, Gustavo Martini, Térence Coton e Giulio Maschiocchihave created a variety of products, all enclosed in a capsule collection in limited edition, and revised others belonging to the best brands of Italian design as Kreaton, Carlo Citterio, A4A Design, Caps, The Interior Design , Flaminia and Hands on Design.

At the Salone del Mobile, in the pavilion reserved for them for the entire fair duration, we met one of them, the designer Térence Coton with which we had a chat, some pictures and a short interview.

How did your passion for design start and how your creative process work?

Design is part of everybody’s life but for a creative person like me, to design means to act.
‘Doing’ is one of the most exciting moment of a designer. When, Finally, after a series of decisions, one unique solution
emerges from the chaos and imposes itself as it responds to all the constraints.
I have always been passionated for creative activities such as playing piano, drawing, and later doing architecture.
The possibility to bring my own palette of competencies and use it the way I want is the ultimate activity for me.
When I was younger I studied piano at the conservatory and spent many hours drawing. Later I became an architect and even
later a designer. Design gives back much faster than the other fields in my case and allows me to fully express my ideas

At first I isolate myself and start to identify my knowledge of the subject by writing words on paper, connecting them, as a sort
of mind map. Then, as much as possible, I like to avoid drawing anything for some weeks to focus on crafting a concept in my mind.
During this phase I eventually start to take a direction with a concept. At this moment I can start to draw and fill my bin with all the excess
designs that will never be. At this time I do control on internet if anything similar already exists to avoid the unpleasant.

The story behind a design is often full of anecdotes, however one story remains the same for all of my designs.
The amount of solutions left in the trash are a good indicator of the progress that I am making.
A I studied Architecture in The Netherlands and in France and Italy and studied later Design in Italy, I am
bringing together my knowledge of Dutch, French and Italian Design to create something new.

For the initiative promoted by Istituto Marangoni and Amazon you’ve created a decanter, what’s the difference between yours and the others?

Each of us created very different capsule collections. We all come from different places and have a different history that influences our design. It is not just
a question of style. A style can be borrowed, but our objects express who we are in a consistent way.

The decanter 360° is a design that is created in collaboration with Venetian artisans. It is created by using the larger glass tube that the artisan have, in order to
create to maximize the surface area of the wine in contact with the air. One bottle of wine occupies half of the base of the decanter. The neck is large enough
to ease the pouring in the decanter and out of it.
To create this shape I drew many different profiles and used a 3D software to create a 360° revolution and get its shape in 3D, after making 30 of them I decided to use it for the name. This design was a challenge both for me and the artisans that realized it but it brought us a true satisfaction as it is a great decanter for wine amateurs. It is unique and not just another beautiful object. It is a true object ready for use.

What do you think about the opportunity of selling your products on Amazon, you think it might be a good showcase for your work and your future?

This project offers to millions of people the possibility to get their hands on limited pieces of design. Not everybody is willing to run everywhere to look for this piece of design that they need. I completely embrace this opportunity because it finally provides a new alternative to a part of the market that seems doomed to belong only for an elite. The white background of each products may seem cold but is a fair representation of how democratical this project is. Each product is stripped of its context and exposed to the world.

To have such objects of design with their own Amazon window is unbelievably innovative and I am convinced that it is an excellent showcase for my creations and the future.
It is the ultimate way to speak for the younger generation that is the one ready for such practice.

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