Design Zaha Hadid Architects designed a customizable residence

Zaha Hadid Architects designed a customizable residence

Emanuele D'Angelo

Zaha Hadid Architects recently presented the “Roatan Próspera Residences”, her latest project with AKT II and Hilson Moran.
Located on Roatan Island in the Caribbean, the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands, the project adopts specific ecological and social criteria to develop houses for the island.

Zaha Hadid Architects‘ latest creation is a digital platform to create real customized residences.
The resulting residential projects respond to the climate, terrain, and environment of the island, which the architects do not want to contaminate at all. In fact, the process behind the construction of the new “Roatan Próspera Residences” translates into a design that takes inspiration from the past, integrating the local vernacular tradition of wooden construction, climate appropriateness and spatial experience with new digital techniques of design, engineering, and construction.

Using parametric design software developed by ZHA (ZHCODE) and the AKT II computational engineering team, the platform ensures that each home is built specifically according to the configuration defined by each owner.
It also ensures that each home is sustainable. Only local materials have been used and that they are suitable for the surrounding environment, in particular from a solar and ventilation point of view.

“Roatan Próspera Residences” rethinks the whole approach to the development of conventional design and delivery, starting from the local supply chain, logistics, energy and economic aspects.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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